Review: Revlon Shape-n-Buff Tool

5 years ago

Hi Luuuuxers!

I`m really excited to review this Revlon Shape-n-Buff manicure tool for you guys today because lately I`ve been really into creating perfect and polished nails at home as a routine before I apply fresh paint. I find it`s an instant boost to make you feel a bit more put together throughout the day and I`ve also found application of my nail polishes is just easier and flawless with a good foundation that you get from having smooth and polished nail surfaces.

This tool comes with 2 differently textured filing sides (the grey is the coarsest with the effect of a nail file and the white side is a bit finer and does the job of an emery board)

The 4 step system includes an "even-out" "smooth-out" "buff" and "shape", used in that order.

in terms of effectiveness, each of the components do exactly what they say they do. I found the grey filing side a bit to rough so I generally avoid it because my nails are a bit on the fragile side, but this is a good option for those with tougher tails or for pedicure needs. The shiner is not as good as this other shiner product also by Revlon. I do not have the specifics on hand but it`s the pod shaped product that is solely used for shining nails. That product is ahhhmazing if you prefer to go without nail polish, it will make your nails look as if you had clear polish on already, it`s that good! This one however, makes your nails only half as shiny but still pretty good!

I recommned this tool because it does everything it`s supposed to and most of all, because it`s very streamlined, sleek and great for travelling. I love that I can bring just this when I travel because it does everything I could possibly need.

Thoughts? Have you tried this yet?

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