Review: Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer

5 years ago

Note: The pictures don`t feel like uploading correctly, so if you`re genuinely interested in this review, I have my original blog post linked in the source! Drugstores have been pushing out foundation primers for years. I remember being in middle school and wishing I could afford Revlon`s Beyond Natural primer because $12 was a whole week of lunch money, man. But anyway, those primers never amounted to much success. For the most part, they only worked for people with dry skin, since they were, in the very least, capable of smoothing out pores and lines. If you wanted oil control, you opted for Smashbox or Make Up Forever and their ridiculous prices. I`ve been using /viz/review-victorias-secret-pro-airbrush-fx-face-primer, which performed adequately for my under-eye area. That bottle`s gone, so I got Revlon`s new primer in the Photo Ready family. It retails for anywhere from $11 to $14. It comes in the same glass bottle with a pump as the foundation. The only difference is that whereas the foundation carries the standard 1.0 fluid ounce of product, the primer only comes with 0.91 fluid ounces. Even so, this primer`s still a lot more affordable than most primers on the market. The primer has the consistency of both mousse and gel. I`d say it feels like 50% gel, 40% mousse, and 10% liquid. It retains its shape when you pump it out, and it doesn`t slip around or drip. It also has a strong plastic scent that you can detect when you`re applying it, but thankfully, it doesn`t stick around for too long. It`s easy to smooth out and rub into the skin. It glides right into my pores and fine lines. I got this mostly to fill in the fine lines under my eyes, so my concealer wouldn`t cake up. In the swatch pictures, see how the lines on my hand seem less prominent? The primer also masks a lot of the shine on my face, which, as an oily-skinned person, I do like. Compare the shine and the lack of between the first swatch and the last swatch. Velvety smooth, me gusta. Foundation applies beautifully over it! In the above picture, I`m wearing L`Oreal`s mineral powder foundation. The primer peeks through and still provides me with a nice, even glow (note: not shine!) that usually airbrushing achieves. And after six hours with absolutely no blotting nor powdering, this is what my face looked like. Notice the foundation fading and piling up around my nose and on my blackheads. I found that blotting helped reduce blotchiness, but powdering encouraged it. I would prefer the primer to hold up both ways, but hey, I`d rather blot oil away than pile on more product. Product- 26/30 Packaging- 5/5 Price- 5/5 Rating: A- Pictures are mine, originally posted on my blog (source). Please don`t use without my explicit permission! makeup

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