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4 years ago

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So alot of people ask me what base and top coat do i use, because my nails dont turn yellow or as yellow as if you dont wear it, and if youre wondering, i use this Revlon one which is called the Multi-Care Base+Top Coat.
It is used for both base and top, so it is easier since it is all in one bottle.
I actually bought this because it was on sale for $2 at my local Walmart, and i was in need of a clear, so i got this and i really enjoyed it. It was a good base and top coat, and i think this is really good!

It did turn my nails yellow for some colours (mostly the darker ones), but not as a dark yellow but as a light light and pale yellow, so it wasnt that bad! It did dry really quickly, which was great because i could paint my nails right away without waiting or it would dry fast for my overall manicure. It made it really shiny, which was good!
Probably the only con with this one was that the brush was quite thin. So when i got polish onto the brush than applied to my nails, it didnt do the "full" coverage, and missed some spots, but nothing than a second coat wont help!

Overall, this is probably the best top and base coat i have, and i think i would give this a 9 out of 10!

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*photo is mine

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