Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain, quotCharmquot (pic heavy)

4 years ago

Hi everyone! So I`m actually doing a timely review! I purchased a couple of the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipstains a couple weeks ago and I`ll be reviewing the first of them today. This is the shade Charm, which is a creme finish orange creamsicle shade.
Price & Availability - $7 to $10 depending on where you purchase - Currently on special displays at drugstores and mass market stores. Will eventually be incorporated into the core collection.
Shade & Finish - Charm is a creme finish orange creamsicle shade - Has a nice glossy finish
Packaging - Plastic tube packaging with plastic cap - Color is supposed to be indicative of the color in the tube - Silver part on the bottom allows you to twist up the product (no sharpening required!) - Product bullet itself is starts out like a sharpened pencil
Scent - Peppermint scent (I can`t smell it when it`s on my lips though)
Pros - Nice packaging - Nice color range - Relatively affordable compared to more high end chubby stick pencils - Moisturizing - Glides easily on the lips - Shade of pencil tip makes it easy to use - Twist up pencil so no sharpening, which means no wasted product - Stays on the lips for a fair amount of time
Neutrals - Peppermint scent (I personally don`t mind it, but some others might) - Does stain my lips, but it`s NOT the color of the product itself
Cons - For me the biggest con is that this stains my lips a bright pink shade, which doesn`t resemble the original color at all - Amount of product you get for the price - $9.49 (at CVS) for only 0.09 ounces (picture #3)
Thoughts When I had first heard of this product I was hesitant. I`ve done the long-wearing lip products before, which I liked, and the Maybelline lip stain markers, which I didn`t. However, after hearing good things about this product, I decided to try a couple of the shades to see for myself. I liked out Charm because it seemed like a nice peachy-nude shade. In reality it really reminds me of a orange creamsicle, and when it`s on my lips it`s a bit too peachy for my skintone. My camera might not have been able to capture it well enough, but the color is a bit too chalky looking to me. The product is easy to apply and it actually feels nice on the lips. It`s moisturizing and slick feeling on the lips, but after a couple hours that slickness wears away so it feels like a regular lipstick. What I hate the most about this product is that it doesn`t stain my lips the color of the original product. Maybe it`s too much to expect from a color like this because it`s not pink or red, but that`s what I think of when I think of a lip stain. Instead of my lips being stained a nude/peach shade, it`s stained a bright pink. You can see this in the very last lip picture posted (picture #8) where the outer parts of my lips are a dark pink compared to middle/inside of the lips. I wore this lipstick to work because the original peach shade sort of worked with my eye makeup, but at the end of the day I had bright pink lips paired with dark green eyeshadow. I felt like I looked like a makeup clown. I`m not even sure if this problem just occurs for me, or if it`s something that everyone will experience with this shade. The solution to this problem would probably be to just keep reapplying a fresh coat so the pinkness never shows through, but that seems to defeat the purpose of a lip stain which is apply it and forget it.
Overall This color is a complete miss for me because the original color and the aftermath are totally off for me, but that doesn`t mean this shade won`t work for you. However it is a moisturizing product and I like the way it feels, so I will try other shades in the line. Would definitely wait for a good sale to get these because these are super expensive for how much product you get. Thanks for reading! Have you tried this shade? Did you experience the same thing I did? What other shades have you tried and enjoyed? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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