Review: Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Foundation

4 years ago

Review: Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Foundation SPF 20.

[I think there`s no description because these are discontinued.]

I bought this during a CVS beauty clearance for 75% off retail price so it was around $2~$3. They come in many shades but it varies between stores. I bought Light Medium, which is a tan color for pink undertones. I realized now that I should`ve bought Light Medium Medium which is for yellow undertones but I can`t tell much difference when I wear this so I`m glad it blends in well. I noticed the pink tone when I swatched it on my arm but my face seems to be more pink than the rest of my body. When I first wore this, I thought the color matched perfectly. For once, I was able to find a color that matched! But I think Light Medium Medium would`ve been an even closer match.

I noticed it had a familiar smell but I couldn`t tell what. It wasn`t until I used it on a friend that she commented it smelled like acrylic paint--and it totally does! This probably says something about the formula, which can`t be good if it smells like acrylic paint.
The product has a creamy texture but then turns into a softer texture when blended giving a soft matte look. The coverage is buildable; it has more coverage than a tinted moisturizer since it`s heavier but less than full coverage.
<dd>- Provides coverage</dd>
<dd>- Offers a range of shades</dd>
<dd>- Natural, soft matte finish</dd>
<dd>- Easy to carry around</dd>
<dd>- Tube packaging so you can squeeze out just the right amount</dd>
<dd>- SPF 20</dd>
<dd>- Smells like acrylic paint</dd>
<dd>- Ingredients are questionable; it says mineral so you`d think it`s better for you but I think it`s used for gimmick reasons here</dd>
<dd>- If stored upside-down, oils from the product separates so you have to mix it up again insides the tube</dd>
<dd>- Doesn`t feel light on skin</dd></dl>

<Strong>Overall:</strong> I really like this foundation because it`s the closest I`ve gotten to the actual color of my skin (first foundation I own) compared to other products I`ve used in the past (ie. mom`s foundation). It leaves my skin looking smooth and airbrushed with the soft matte finish. However, it is on the heavy side (which I expected since it`s foundation) so don`t think it`s a tinted moisturizer because of the packaging.

<em>Repurchase? </em>I don`t think I will because it`s discontinued and I want to try a lighter product like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Plus, I have oily skin so I`m trying to get into some powder foundations.

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