Review: Renpure Cleansing Conditioner

oy, this was bad, really bad. I had already used the L`oreal one when I bought this at Rite Aid and what sold me was the delicious smell, I mean really, sweet pomegranate, doesn`t that sound fantastic?

it actually smells like mint pomegranate, I imagine this is what Wen smells like too so I was in heaven and had high hopes, I really should have known better. I had a terrible experience with their shampoo/conditioner in the red bottle and an even worse one with their customer service, as in epic FAIL. the pump is way better than the L`oreal in that it has a smoother flow simply because the product itself is not as thick BUT you still get a small amount of of each pump. again I need about 20 pumps to do my hair the only difference was the second I started to spread this around it felt greasy and oily and omg, I just hated it. I stood under the water for like 10 mins and I could not get rid of that greasy feeling.

what`s worse, when my hair dried it looked like I had dumped a bottle of oil over it, omg I was shocked to see how nasty & bad this thing is - for my hair. I think if your hair is severely dry and damaged this would probably be a godsend but for me - yeah no it`s going in the trash. I also got an argan oil conditioner from this brand because they were BOGO free and that`s not as bad, but I only use it on my ends. I can`t possibly recommend this to anyone that`s not a scarecrow.

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