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3 years ago

review purposes from Influenster. They were in the Influenster Something Blue VoxBox, which I actually just got a couple of days ago. I have already been testing some of the products and one of the products that I wanted to get up real fast were these Q-tips Precision Tips. I have really been loving these and love it that Q-tips finally came out with these. According to the packaging, these QTips Precision Tips are the Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool specially designed for touch-ups and getting into smaller spaces. Made with tapered tips are both ends, 100% cotton, and a gently flexible stick, Precision Tips are perfect for a variety of uses. Since I love these so much and have been using them everyday since I got these in the mail, I wanted to make a blog post of these
Q-Tips Precision Tips. What is different about these compared to your usual Q-tips is that these have pointed tips at both ends. The pointed tips make it easy to reach small areas and are ideal for precise application. You can use these precision tips for so many different things. You can use these for: Cleaning up any under eye smudges from your lower lash mascara Cleaning up any mistakes from applying mascara Applying concealer onto any blemishes by spot concealing There are so many things that you can use these for. I can`t name them all but I am sure once I get this post up, I will probably end up finding more new ways to use these. Different ways can be by Applying highlighter onto your cupid`s bow Fixing your brows from any application mistakes Fixing any bleeding from your lipstick Touching up your eye liner Cleaning up messy manicure mistakes Applying highlighter onto the inner corner of your eyes Cleaning up any goops in your inner corner of your eyes Those are all the things that I can think of now but as you can see, there are so many uses for these Q-tips Precision Tips! What I really like is that these are so portable because they came in durable plastic case. You can just chuck these in your purse, luggage, or car and the cotton swabs will stay clean. Whenever you need one, just pop open the container and take one out to use. These are great for on the go touch-ups like a night out on the town. Plus when you run out, you can just refill it by buying a big pack or just buy a whole another one. These retail for around $2.59 to $3.35 plus tax, depending on the store. If you haven`t tried these yet, I highly suggest you go out and give these a try. You will seriously love these over your typical round cotton swabs. I definitely recommend these! If you want to find out more about these Q-tips Precision Tips (like where to find these and what other products they offer), you can check out their official website:
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