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4 years ago

I recently finished a pack of makeup remover wipes that I was really impressed with! As you can see from the title it`s by the brand Pond`s and is available (as far as I know) at most drugstores as well as Walmart. I actually picked up a pack of two when they were on sale for $6 (for the two-pack) because it was cheaper than the MAC ones at that price. I`ve tried many brands of makeup remover wipes, from Equate to Garnier to many otheres, but I`ve never found something that did a better job than MAC.

I like...
... that the wipes are textured (gets more makeup off)
... that all the wipes were moist (to the very last one)
... that they were affordable (reg $5, on sale $3 for 30)
... that they`re easily accessible (at Shoppers and Walmart)
... that it takes off the majority of my makeup (some residue remains however)
I don`t like...
... that they dont come in bigger packs, or double packs of the same kind when on sale (the other pack of makeup wipes in the two-pack was a different type by Pond`s that wasnt as great as this one)
... that there is some makeup residue left

My only REAL complaint is that there is some makeup residue left. My test for a great makeup wipe is how much makeup my clarisonic removes after having used the wipe. No brand, other than MAC cosmetics, removes my makeup to the point that no makeup is removed by the Clarisonic when I use it. Albeit, this version is better than most makeup wipes which leave tons of residue, it`s not better than MAC.

I would totally recommend these wipes, but with a sidenote that you do need to clean your face after using them if you want all your makeup to come off.

I hope you guys found this review helpful. Happy Luuuxing!

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