Review: Philips SatinPerfect HP657650 Epilator

5 years ago

If you haven`t seen my previous post, I briefly showed the items that were inside the epilator set as it was unboxed. Feel free to check it out /viz/unboxing-bzzagent-philips-satinperfect-epilator-campaign. In this post, I`ll review and share my experiences with this epilator. Prior to using this Philips SatinPerfect Epilator, I was using an Emjoi Epilator so I was already familiar with an epilator what it did, how effective it was at removing hair, and the pain factor. When you first turn on the epilator, you will hear a frightening mechanical sound that can be VERY intimidating. Contrary to how scary the sound may be, the feeling of epilating is nowhere as intimidating! One of the things that I like most about the Philips SatinPerfect HP6576 Epilator is the extra wide head - which allows for greater surface area coverage for hair, so that more hair can be removed in as minimal strokes as possible. To my surprise, I quickly fell in love with the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator because it removed hair in a MUCH MORE gentle manner than my Emjoi epilator. I could definitely feel that it was a softer process because it didn`t hurt as much! For the hairs that are being more stubborn, such as hair on your legs or on your bikini area, you can attach the trim/comb shaving attachment so that the epilator does just that! All of the attachment heads are ceramic and this ensures that even the finest of hairs won`t slip through. There is also a active hair lifter to lift fine hairs that are laying flat on the surface so that it is much more easy to remove! One of my favorite features about the Philips SatinPerfect HP6576 Epilator is that it has two-speeds. If pressed once on the power button, the first speed is much more gentle as opposed to if you were to press the power button twice for the second speed - which epilates a lot more quickly and roughly. The first speed can be used for more gentle areas such as your facial hairs while the second speed can be used for hairs on your body that are more course. Also, the epilator has a blue light that shines so you will always be able to see clearly the hairs that are present and need to be removed. Cleaning the epilator is also really easy as well. Included is a little brush to brush away the hairs that might accumulate on the attachment heads - which can be easily popped off of the epilator with the push of a button. I`ve tried epilating on all parts of my body, and I have to say, that my most favorite area to epilate would have to be my UNDERARMS. I`ve tried waxing and shaving my underarms before and it just is either too messy or the razor does not contour to the curves of my underarms well. With the epilator, it does the job much more quickly and smoothly. Plus, hair doesn`t grow back until another 1.5 to 2 weeks! The only negative thing that I have to say about this epilator is that it does take a while to fully charge. However, once fully charged, it`s awesome that you can use the epilator cordless! I also want to quickly mention that a full charge allows you to use the epilator for 40 minutes. Overall, since I have first started using Epilators, I have not looked back. The process might be a bit tedious and take longer for areas such as your arms and legs, but I love using this epilator for my underarms because it really is the most effective. My hair doesn`t grow back for about 1.5 weeks, and also, it does not grow back thicker and darker! I have a high pain tolerance so epilating does not hurt me, but for those with a low pain tolerance, it will totally hurt less overtime! The Philips SatinPerfect HP6576 Epilator is a really good epilator to invest in if you are looking into purchasing an epilator. In comparison to my current Emjoi epilator, the Philips SatinPerfect definitely hurts a lot less and feels a lot more gentle on the skin! With each use, I`ve noticed that the areas that I epilated are lot softer and the hairs that grow back are a lot more faint. I`m very pleased with that! :) I have included the direct link to the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator in the source link below. It`s currently being sold on Amazon for $129.97, but if you use the promotion code
BUZZEP2O, you can get $20 off of your purchase!
*DISCLAIMER:* I received the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator HP6576/50 for free for participating in a BzzAgent BzzCampaign, but in no way does that compromise the honesty and integrity of my thoughts and opinions. I was not paid for this review and these are my own honest opinions.

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