Review: Peel Off Mask and Lip Balm

4 years ago

I bought these two items maybe over a month ago, but because I had bought a face mask from Lush (I`ll do a review on that one later) I had to use up that first (because of the expiry date) before getting to use this peel of one.

The Passion Peel Off Mask from Montagne Jeunesse is my first peel off one I`ve ever tried, so I was super excited about using it. I wanted to try it because I thought it would be less messy than non-peel offs, but that was not the case for me. I think it`s because I didn`t let it dry enough, but instead of coming off in big pieces, it came out in small sticky pieces. I also got some on my hair and eyebrows. I think getting peel off masks on your hair is much harder to deal with than non-peel offs. In any case, I had a shower afterwards so it didn`t really matter that I got it in my hair. I just looked up some videos of other people trying this mask on Youtube and if you watch them you`ll see that they can take them off pretty much in one piece. When dried the mask looks very shiny, which didn`t happen to me, although I had it on for 15min. (the min. time) and my face was already feeling stiff. That being said, I`m kind of glad I didn`t leave the mask on longer because in the videos the people are complaining about the pain. My peel off experience was completely painless.

Conclusion: I didn`t see any noticeable difference in my skin, other than having the effect of a pore strip on my nose, so I don`t think I`ll buy it again. If you do decide to get this I recommend not letting it dry completely as to avoid any pain. I really like Montagne Jeunesse. They have great values and use natural ingredients. The next things I want to try from them are a self heating mask and one of the dead sea masks.

I heard great things about Softlips so I decided to try one of their lip balms. I got the coconut flavoured one with spf 30. At first I liked it because it felt really smooth applying it, but it really didn`t help my lips. I was hoping it would heal my chapped lips, but it did NOTHING for me. I ended up giving the other lip balm away.

Conclusion: I am not buying a Softlips lip balm again. I think you`ll only like it if you don`t have chapped lips. Even then, I would go with a different brand because not only is it better to use something more natural, I think a lip balm should actually improve your lip texture, rather than just give you temporary relief.

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