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4 years ago

Hey guys!
So I ordered the Luuux Brush Set with the points that I have been gathering for a while. It arrived a week ago, but I wanted to test them for a while before I made a full review on them.
They arrived 5 days from the day my order was "complete" on Luuux website, very well packaged and in perfect conditions. They come with a brush roll that fits more brushes than the ones it comes with and has a ziper part you can put extra stuff in.
When I got them out and felt them, I noticed they were good quality brushes. They are all the basic brushes you need on a daily basis. Overall I really liked them.
I immediatelly washed all of them so I could use them the next day. I should say after I used them, I was really happy with them, but I do have somethings I would improve on the set. It comes with a L116 blush brush that looks like a 116 by MAC, I wish it would be more similar to the 129, cause I find a 116 to be too small for blush.
Also, the L217 like brush does not look like MAC`s 217. As I own the MAC 217 this didn`t bother me, but for those who don`t own that brush by MAC I think it would be more useful if this brush was more like that. The reason why I say that is because this one looks a lot like the L239 like brush the set comes with, which is like a MAC 239, so you have 2 brushes that are basically the same.
The first 2 days I used the duo fiber L187 and face powder brush L150, they shed like crazy and I was quite disappointed with them. But I must say for some reason after 2/3 uses they started shedding less. They still do, but much less than at first.
The eye brushes do their job pretty well. The L239, L217 and L242 pack and place color very well, the L228 blends perfectly, the L219 I use for putting shadow on my lower lash line and it also works perfectly. The other brushes as well.
I would say these brushes are no lower quality than Sigma brushes. I`m happy and pleased with them, even with the powder brush and duo fiber brush, that now don`t leave hairs all over my face anymore, just 2 or 3...
I think this was definetely a good "purchase", and would recommend them!!

*sorry that I didn`t take pictures of them, my camera broke. Photo used here is from Luuux brush set page, as per the source link below*

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