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4 years ago

Hi everyone!

I have another skin care review for you all and this time it`s from the brand, Obagi. Once again, this is a product that is available solely through a physician so you`d have to ask about it and see if you could try it out. Anyways, I got the chance to review it for you guys so please keep on reading!

Professional-C Serum ($48-$99): These serums helps to prevent premature aging, protect against damage, stimulate collagen for a youthful appearance, and lighten your skin for even tone. There are 4 concentrations available which include:
- 20% for highest concentration of L-absorbic acid
- 15% for all skin types
- 10% for dry, sensitive or reactive skin
- 5% protection for the sensitive eye area


- It comes with a dropper on the side so if you`re going to stay overnight at your friend`s house, you can put the original lid on the bottle to prevent spillage.

- It`s a clear liquid so you don`t have to worry about it changing your skin color

- You`re supposed to apply this before sunscreen and make up so it can soak into your skin and offer more protection

- Although it has a slight oily consistency, it absorbs into the skin right away without leaving a residue behind

- It has a pleasant orange scent

- 5 to 7 drops are required for use and are enough to cover the whole face


- It comes in a glass container so you`d have to be careful not to drop it.

All in all, I rate this product a 9 out of 10. Personally I don`t have major skin problems to see any difference with this product but I do like the way it makes my face feel softer and smell like oranges. I don`t like that it`s a glass bottle because let`s face it, the only place you`d keep something like this is in the bathroom so you have to be very careful not to drop this.

Obagi products can be found through physicians in your area. For this particular product, please check out

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please post them below!

**All products were sent by PR for consideration. As always, all opinions are honest**

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