Review on Mac Prep and Prime Bits and Bobs

I was thinking of doing such a review for quite some time now , and while one of the products turned out to be a top and the other a flop , I figured that it was high time that I spoke to you about them .

Mac Prep and Prime Line Filler

This line filer is truly a unique product that you can find on the market . It basically claims to fill in your lines to give you the effect of no fines lines or wrinkles . The Mac website states that you have to apply it after foundation , but I find that it works much better before .The product has a thick white pasty consistency and once you rub it into your skin it turns clear and unnoticeable . The first thing that I noticed when I first applied it was that it tugged my eye , a sensation which I only got once and never felt it again afterwards . I did notice however a reduction in my fine lines ( not that I have a lot of fine lines ) which means that the product is doing its job .
Be careful though when you apply it , you must leave it on at least 5 minutes before applying foundation because if the line filler is not dry it will mess up your under eye area .
You can also apply it on open pores to reduce the production of oil on your face , which I tried to do a few times and it seemed to make a difference .

The only downfall of this product is that it has a relatively short life , i.e. 6 months in which you have to use it all up which I found impossible . I had to throw it out way before I finished it and the cap of the tube also broke and fell of .

Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Pressed Finishing Powder

Please do not be deceived by the fact that I hit pan on this product . It does not mean that I actually like it , I`m just trying to use it up .

This powder is the weirdest and most annoying powder which I ever bought in my life . I find that whenever I apply it after putting my makeup on , the product leaves a weird white residue on my face which disappears after a few minutes but after around fifteen minutes I feel that the powder totally comes off my face altogether leaving my face an oily mess . This is not only annoying but in the same time money wasting . Because this product comes off my face so quickly I find that I have to apply it several times during the day which resulted in me hitting pan on it very quick and having a caked face . This is not only a shame but an economic rip off .

Bottom line , I recommend you try the line filler but please stay away from the Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Pressed Finishing Powder .



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