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Hi everyone!

I`m so glad that I`m able to get back to blogging! Since my last post, I`ve graduated from beauty school and I`m officially a licensed full specialist, which means that I have dual licenses as an esthetician and a nail tech. I`m currently working at a hair salon where I`m the only nail technician so I can grow my clientele.

With all that being said, I`m also an independent contractor so I have to buy my own supplies in order to make my business grow. I`m a glitter freak so it`s only natural that I would start to grow my glitter collection as quickly as I can lol.

If you`re into nails, I`m sure you`ve probably heard of/seen the show Nail`d It on the Oxygen channel. If you haven`t, I suggest searching it on Youtube to check it out. Anyways, one of the contestants (and 2nd place winner) was a nail tech named Lauren Wireman. I`ve had the pleasure to meet this down to earth girl on 3 separate occasions (today being one of them!) She has a shop in Cape Coral, Florida and is also trying to open up her own nail art school.

She happened to be a teacher at the beauty school I attended well before I started and that experience motivated her to take it upon herself to start up a nail art school since that`s one aspect that isn`t touched up on when you`re in school to become a nail technician. And now, with all THAT being said, she also has an online store where she sells glitters, art paints and protective eye gear for new and seasoned nail techs (and anyone else who may be interested in nail art in general.)

A lot of the supplies she has on there are decently priced but are still great quality. The glitter blends that I got are cosmetic grade which means that they are solvent resistant and can be mixed with acrylic powder or encapsulated.

Whew! That was a lot to write in one blog post! But I felt that I needed to so you all would be a little more familiar with Wildflowers and see why I`m a big supporter!

Glitter Blends ($7 for .25oz jar) : These glitters are multi-dimensional and look stunning in any light! They can be worn alone or over any color polish to enhance your manicure and take it to the next level. If you`re easily distracted by glitter, these are perfect to add to your collection to use on yourself and on your clients!

Palace glitter is a beautiful cool toned pink gold (not to be confused for a rose gold) glitter blend that has been the object of my dreams since I spotted it on Instagram months ago. There`s a great mix of small and chunky glitter and under light, some of the gold chunks reflect purple and teal! Needless to say, I`m obsessed with this glitter and highly recommend it.

Gold Palace is warmer version of Palace that reflects gold and orange under any light. This glitter in particular is actually part of a limited edition set coming out for fall. It will be accompanying `Static` which is an awesome grey holographic which I got to see today when I went over to the shop and `Goosebumps` which is a black and orange holographic glitter blend that brings me back to the days when I would read Goosebumps with a flashlight under my blanket. This set of three will be $15 so you`re getting three for the price of 2!

- All glitter from Wildflowers is cosmetic grade so it can be used on the nails safely without the glitter color running from being in contact with liquid monomers.

- You get a good amount of glitter for the price. A little goes a long way so you`ll have enough glitter to last for a while.

- If you`re using this glitter on yourself, you can easily transfer any unused glitter back into the jar because it`s an open container.

- The glitter names are clearly printed on the label underneath the jars.

- Shipping is fast and customer service is great so if you have any issue with your products, it gets resolved right away.

- I originally ordered Palace on its own last month and included in the package was a glitter sample of the Neon Squares and a handwritten thank you card from Lauren herself!

- The only con is that Gold Palace is not sold on its own since it`s part of a limited edition set of three glitter blends coming out for the fall (which makes me sad because when I run out of it, I can`t repurchase it...unless it`s brought back by popular demand =P )

If you`re interested in the glitter set that will start shipping starting tomorrow, September 15, hurry over to this link and order it:
There will only be 75 kits made so once they`re gone, you won`t be able to get any of these glitters again!

If you`re interested in taking a look at any of the other glitter blends available, you can click on this link to check them out:

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog post and if you have any questions, please post them below!

**All products were purchased with my own money.**

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