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5 years ago

Hi everyone. Today I am going to review the eos lip balm spheres. I have tried all of them except the limited edition passion fruit. EOS products are sold in rite aid,cvs and grocery stores for 5 dollars. They are also sold at Walmart, Target and five below for 3 dollars. I will list hese from my favorite to least favorite.
1.) Strawberry Sorbet- This is my favorite eos lip balm. It is very moisturizing. The only negative thing that I have to say is that it has a strong sent. If you get headaches from strong sents I don`t reccomend this flavor.
2.) Lemon Drop-This lip blam is very creamy and moisturizing. It has a wonderful sent that truly smells like lemon.
3.)Medicated Tangerine - This lip balm is also creamy and moisturizing. The only complaint I have about it is that it doessn`t really smell like a tangerine. It has a hint of tangerine but it mostly smells like medication.
4.)- Honeysuckle Honeydew. This eos lip balm has a great scent. It isn`t to overpowering. Sadly, it doesn`t do as well of job moisturizing your lips as the others do.
5.) Sweet Mint- To me this eos is anything but sweet. After you smell the lip balm more than once, it starts to smell like plastic. It does do a good job moisturizing your lips though.
6.) Summer Fruit- This was my first eos and i was very disappointed. I loved the smell but when I used it, it felt like i was putting a brick on my lips. It wasn`t moisturizing at all.

So tell me in the comments what is your favorite eos lip balm.

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