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1 year ago

I`ve always been a fan on nail art and actually writing words on my nails but sometimes I find it hard to do that with nail polish as it can be too thick and hard to work with. Acrylic paint which can be found in your local hobby store is much easier to work with since it is a thinner consistency and dries fast on the nail which makes it convenient for putting a clear top coat over your design to seal with without smearing. However, not all acrylic paints are safe to use on the nail.

If you`re using acrylic paints over acrylic nails, the dust that is produced when you have to file off the design may not be safe for you or your client to inhale or for it to touch your skin.

However, Wildflowers Academy has a line of cosmetic grade paints that are easy to use and safe to use on your nails. Like regular acrylic paints, they`re water based so if you mess up your design, you can easily wipe it away with just water.

I went to a Student Only nail class that was being held in Cape Coral back in May and included in my kit were two sets of art paints which include a black, white, purple, blue, yellow and red.

I had to get a replacement red because the one I got in my kit was thick and goopy. Thankfully Lauren was more than happy to replace it for me so I headed to her shop today to meet with her.

I`ve included a picture of the bottle I got in my kit and the new bottle I got for size and color comparison. The small bottle on the left is more of an orange red where Tomato is more of a true blue toned red.

Nail Art Paints ($4 for 10 mL) : These paints are so pigmented that you only need to dispense a small amount and not have to go over the same lines more than once. They come with a dropper which makes them easy to dispense and spill proof.


- As I mentioned above, the paints are highly pigmented so you won`t need to go over the same lines more than once which makes it easy to mess up if you already have an unsteady hand.

- In the picture I included above, I was able to write a word on my nail with ease. Please excuse the messiness of it. I did it really quick because my daughter kept trying to get in my face to see what I was doing lol.

- These bottles are small enough to fit in my kit and are very travel friendly because of how it`s packaged.

- There is plenty of product in the bottle that will last you a long time. A little definitely goes a long way.

- They`re decently priced so it`s easy to get a few of these for your kit without feeling like you`re breaking the bank.

- Consistency is great for creating very small detail work so you can literally create a very intricate art piece on a very small canvas.

No cons for this product!

All in all, I rate these Art Paints a perfect 10! I highly recommend these to anyone who likes writing words on their nails or has awesome artistic abilities to draw on nails.

You can purchase these art paints by clicking on this link:

Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions, please post them below!

**This product was provided to me for free as a replacement**

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