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4 years ago

I love makeup, but if there`s ONE thing that I have to have it would not be my mascara or my eyeliner even if I was stuck on a deserted island. I NEED my lip balm and my chap sticks everywhere I go. I know I`m not the only one whose addicted to these things because I keep one everywhere.
Being the lip product addict I am, I have plenty and today I just want to give a little review on the ones I`ve tried and maybe it`ll give you an idea of what to grab next time you`re at the store (: (You will notice I own a lot of Nivea products there goes one thing I can`t live without NIVEA chap sticks)
These are just my newer ones I have reviews on many others on my page so if you`re interested check it out (:
1.<strong>Kiss Of Moisture</strong>
This is the one in the DARK blue tube, the original pretty much. I love this one and constantly repurchase this out of the many I have. It does its job, makes my lips so moisturized and my lipsticks applies so much smoother.
2.<strong>Kiss Of Smoothness</strong>
My 2nd favorite chap stick. This is much more slippery than the original but nothing near lip gloss feeling. If you don`t like that weird really slick feeling I don`t recommend this, but it makes my lips smooth as well.
3.<strong>Kiss Mint and Minerals</strong>
I have a love hate relationship with this one. IT smells minty, and feels really refreshing it kind of tingles a bit. But honestly it doesn`t really do much for my dry lips...
4.<strong>Kiss of Milk and Honey</strong>
Smells a lot like honey, so if you don`t like that scent like my sister just stay away from it. The only time i use this is if I have cracked lips it helps soothes it but other than that it doesn`t exactly moisturize.
5.<strong>Kiss of Shimmer</strong>
This one is the only Nivea one I own that has SPF(10) in it. I don`t reach for this one often at all maybe like every few months.It smells sweet ish...but I don`t like the scent at all. However I really like the color its a nice baby pink color but will emphasize fine lines and cracks on your lips if you have any.
1.<strong>Deep Renewal</strong>
This has SPF 15 so + for that.Smells like carmex but lighter. Its suppose to smooth out lips and reduce appearance of fine lines. I do notice that when I put it on cause I have really deep lines in my lips. But the thing is I don`t like this because it moisturize for an hour and then it starts to make my lips feel really dry. Not recommended.
<strong>Burts bees</strong>
1.<strong>Original Beeswax Lip Balm</strong>
I`ve heard so much about this, and my sister uses this ALL the time many of the Burts Bees lip balms actually. I wanted to like it too! But..then I didn`t at all. First time I used it I got an allergic Reaction to something. I NEVER react to any lip products but then my lip swelled up when using this so I never used it again.
<strong>Tell me what`s your favorite Lip Balm, I`m always open to try news ones so any recommendations?</strong>

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