Review: Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

5 years ago

I recently purchased and tried out Olay`s Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo. It comes with a skin protecting balm and a hair removal cream. I paid $17 for it (after a discount), but it`s normally about $10 more expensive. The box says it contains enough product for up to 12 uses, but I guess we`ll see!

The instructions indicate that you`re supposed to apply the balm all over the area that you want to remove hair from, and rub it in for 20 seconds. Then, you apply the hair removal cream, wait for 6-8 minutes (10, at the most) and wipe off the cream. Personally, I waited for about 8 minutes before removing the cream from my upper lip. It got almost *all* of my hair, but I missed a few spots, and a few of my thicker hairs weren`t completely removed. Overall, though, I got a really smooth finish, and was happy with the results.

The great thing about the hair removal cream is that it doesn`t stink! It does have a slight Nair-like smell, but it`s really mild. Also, it didn`t irritate my skin! I think the balm really helped to protect my skin against the cream. I also applied it to my upper lip after removing the cream for extra moisture.

This product is designed for light to medium hair growth, which seems about right, given my experience. There were a few thicker hairs that weren`t removed when I had the cream on for 8 minutes. Next time, I`ll probably wait for up to 10 minutes. I`m sure it would work even better if left on for longer, but I wouldn`t want to risk having skin irritation. If you have thicker facial hair that you`d like to remove, this probably isn`t the product for you. Otherwise, I really like this product, expensive though it is. It`s painless and quick to use. I will be repurchasing it, but only on sale. :)

<strong>Have you tried this product? Do you like Olay products in general?</strong>

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