Review: Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System

4 years ago

I have been after this bad boy for a while! I have horrible skin; greasy, prone to blackheads and blemishes, and, on top of that, cystic acne. Ive tried all sorts of face washes and creams, both prescription and over the counter and nothing seemed to work! So, I decided to give this a try! I think my main problem has been, not the products Ive been using, but how Ive been washing my face. I think I definitely need a powerful exfoliating tool to get every little bit of dirty and grease out of my skin! Ive only been using this cleansing brush for about 5 days, but here are my thoughts on it!

<strong> The Brush Itself </strong>
* Light weight
* The bristles are soft, but stiff enough to get the job done without any major irritation
* The brush isnt described as waterproof just water resistant Im not sure how I feel about that so Ive been using it outside of the shower
* I was really confused at first about where the batteries were inserted. Apparently you just pull on the bottom of the brush until it comes off. I actually had to Google it because I couldnt figure it out by myself! Haha

<strong> The Cleanser </strong>
* Clean scent; it kind of reminds me of baby shampoo haha
* Small exfoliating beads
* I think this face wash isnt really essential to the whole cleansing system. You could probably use any cleanser and still have great results, I just think the beads in it add a bit more oomph

<strong> Performance </strong>
* My skin felt really smooth afterwards
* No blackheads! :D
* No irritation. I dont have sensitive skin by any means, so I dont know how this would work out for those of you that do. I only had a little bit of pink color on my cheeks, but it went away fairly quickly.
* I think my foundation definitely applied more evenly after cleansing my face with this tool!

I bought this product for about $24 at CVS and I would definitely recommend it! It is a lot cheaper than the Clarisonic, but, since I dont have the Clarisonic, I dont really know how the two compare. I dont expect this to help me with my cystic acne, but I can already see a difference in the number of surface blemishes I have!

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