Review: Olay Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser

5 years ago

Finally here is my review of the Olay exfoliating renewal cleanser! I got this in a set with my pro-x cleansing system back during the holidays so I`ve been using this for quite some time now. Since this is an exfoliating type of product I only use this about once or twice a week sometimes with my pro-x cleansing system or just by rubbing it on my face with my fingers. I only use this at least one to two times a week just because you dont want to over exfoliate or dry out your skin.
Originally when I bought my Pro-x system I got mine at Costco because I thought it was good value since it came with this full sized bottle of cleanser and also an extra brush head. I was however a bit hesitant to try something new because my skin care routine already works great for me and I didnt want to try something new at the risk of irritating my skin or breaking out, but I put my worries aside and just went for it. The first time I tried this I thought it left my skin feeling very clean and also leaves my skin feeling soft. Its a milky white cream with white micro exfoliating beads in it and I use about a nickel size amount. I was shocked that this is a very gentle on the skin considering the fact that this is an exfoliater. There are small exfoliating granules in this but the granules are very fine and not harsh at all. If you have tried the St. Ives facial exfoliators or scrubs to me they are way too harsh and the granules in them are very rough, but this Olay one is not at all. Its actually pretty gentle enough for you to possibly use once a day even thought I only use it at least up to 2 times a week. Besides cleaner and smoothing skin Ive also noticed that its helped with acne. Now I dont have a severe problem with acne, but I do once I a while have break outs. Usually when I start to feel that I have a break out or if I currently have a blemish I use this and it really helps dry it out and it also helps keep my skin clear. Another thing Ive noticed since using this product is that my skin color seems to be evening out. I dont have an even skintone at all but since using this I have noticed that my skin tone has slightly evened out. I really do love this product and Ive totally worked it into my skin care routine. This is a full size 6 fl oz. bottle and I dont use much so this will definitely last a long time which it good. I have seen though at stores that this is priced at about $20 and thats a lot to me but its a good product and a full size bottle will last you a long time so to me it would be worth it. Plus, the Olay Pro-x line usually goes on sale once in a while at the drugstores and target.

Since the holidays when I got my pro-x system, Ive mostly been focusing on skin care and taking care of my skin and Ive been so regimented when it comes to skin care for about 3 months now and I can definitely see a difference with my skin now in comparison to months ago. Im embarrassed to say this but before I never use to take this good care of my skin but my skin care routine now is a must do. I can never go to bed at night with just taking off my makeup with a makeup wipe it doesnt matter how late or how tired I am at night I will go through my skin routine. I feel thats the best way to go about it because you will notice how much better you skin is just by taking really good care of it.

<em><b><strong>Have you ever tried this or do you use it?</strong></b></em>
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