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2 years ago

Hello Guys!

Well I guess you can notice by the picture that I love this body spray hence why I have two of them. But Im not crazy to always stock beauty products because Im very paranoid about expiration dates, even though I know they are not always very accurate. Anyways I bought two of these because I learned that they are being discontinued and I almost cried because they smell so good.

Okay, these are from a Brazilian brand called Natura, and by the name of it you can tell that their products are all natural and they all come from the most famous rain forest of Brazil called Amazonia and they are sustainable, so they are good for the environment. They are a little bit on the pricey side but the quality of their products is awesome.

Anyways, this body spray is from a line called Todo Dia in English its something like Everyday use and its my favorite line. This body sprays scent is a mixture of cherry and hazelnut, but the thing with this scent and that I love so much is that it doesnt have that artificial cherry scent like the ones we smell in candy, for example, its more like a natural smell, when you just open a can of caramelized cherries. I know it sounds super sweet but with the notes of the hazelnut it becomes a delicate and feminine scent. Its just perfect

This line is specific for winter and since here we are entering spring now the line would be discontinued, so thats why I bought 2 of them because I had to wait months until the line was brought back and I will only be able to buy another one in June next year and to be honest I love to wear this scent every day. And people always compliment me when I wear this.

I know this is not a product that everybody would have access to because is not American, but if you ever come to Brazil and if you like beauty stuff I highly recommend you trying their products. The quality is amazing and they have a serious commitment with the environment.

*picture is mine*


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