Review of Joe Fresh Eyeshadow Set in Warm + Swatches

4 years ago

So a couple of days ago, I got my hands on some Joe Fresh single eyeshadows during Loblaws No Tax Event. Prior to these Joe Fresh eyeshadows, the only other cosmetic I`ve ever purchased from Joe Fresh was their liquid pen eyeliner in black, which was only $6 CDN and it worked well for the price, but I still went back to my holy grail, which is the L`oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liner in black mica. So onto the review...

So if you didn`t know, when you purchase eyeshadow singles or nailpolish, you can either purchase them in a deal or individually. So their eyeshadows and their nailpolishes are either $4 CDN each or $10 CDN for 3. But the eyeshadow set that I managed to pick up was $10 CDN for 4, which would equate to $2.50 CDN for each individual shadow, which I don`t think is too bad. There were other variations for these sets, there was one that was whites, silvers and black, which I presume is for smokey eyes and another one with purples, browns and blacks, which I presume is for more dramatic daytime look. But since I`m such a neutral girl, I had to stick to neutral tones because you can never go wrong with neutrals!

So the colors that were included in this set are as listed as follows with their color description (top left to bottom right):
<ol> <li><strong>Silk</strong> - A cream matte shade, perfect for blend out harsh lines in your eye makeup. I found this shade to be the less pigmented of the 4 shadows provided. It took me about 2 swatches to get the color it is in the swatch. This shadow made me a little scared about what to expect with the rest of the shadows.</li> <li><strong>Dusty Rose</strong> - A shimmery pale rose, the name kinda describes it pretty well haha! The pigmentation on this one was far much better than that of Silk and it gave me some hope that the shadows would be good! This is perfect for an all over lid color!</li> <li><strong>Bronze</strong> - A shimmery dark brown. This would be a typical brown shadow that most people have either as an individual shadow or in their neutral palettes. This also had great pigmentation!</li> <li><strong>Espresso</strong> - A matte dark brown. Compared to Silk, which is the other matte shade in this set, this matte actually was pretty good with the pigmentation. I can see myself using this color in the outer corner on a neutral smokey eye!</li> </ol>

*Swatches were done on bare arm with no primer as usual!

So overall, I`m pretty satisfied with the shadows. I really liked the fact that the set came with two mattes and two shimmerys, which allows you to use all the shadows in one look without making your eye look like a shimmer-fest. I`m still a little undecided regarding whether or not I would purchase more shadows from them, if anything, I would definitely purchase their shimmery shades still and be a little held back with their matte shades.

If you would like a comparison of the amount of product, MAC eyeshadows run for about $18 CDN I believe and they have 1.5 g of product, Joe Fresh eyeshadows run for $4 CDN (individually) and they have 3.3 g of product, so pretty much double the amount. I think the Joe Fresh shadows are definitely something to try out and see if they fit your taste, they are definitely budget friendly, which I love because you could build a whole collection without going broke!

Another note, I`m unsure if Joe Fresh is in the US or not because I know Loblaws is Canadian I believe?

Have you tried Joe Fresh eyeshadows before?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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