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4 years ago

What does the end of the world, oil drillers, and NASA give you? Well, it gives you the plot to the movie Armageddon! With a star-studded cast including Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Billy Bob Thorton, Owen Wilson and Steve Buscemi all working together to try to save the world from a very BIG asteroid heading straight to Earth, who couldn`t ask for more? This movie tells a tale of a father-daughter love-hate relationship which slowly blossoms to a heart-warming one while also combining action and drama in a Save-the-world type of movie.

Bruce Willis plays Harry Stanford, a oil driller, who with his daughter Grace [played by Liv Tyler] live together on an oil rig that he owned. Billy Bob`s Thorton`s character, the head of NASA, approaches Harry regarding the top-secret situation facing mankind and gets him to hop onto the Save-the-Earth bandwagon. Harry happens to have invented the very drill that would drill into the the asteroid that could potentially wipe out mankind, which Thorton`s character conveniently steals and can`t figure out the design. Ben Affleck plays A.J., Grace`s lover/Harry`s thorn-in-his-side employee, comes aboard at the chagrin of Harry and plays a key role in making sure that the mission is a success. Along with a great supporting cast, Armageddon brings together that type of patriotic and romantic spirit as well as that feeling of connection between many people across the globe in hoping that mankind doesn`t end by a gigantic rock crashing into the planet.

With high-flying explosions and special effects, Armageddon is a success through the director`s, Michael Bay, direction. Although some characters perish while some surprising characters pull through. It`ll leave you with feelings of joy, excitement, and sadness.

Which End-of-the-World movie is your favorite?

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