Review: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder quotTaupeAshquot

4 years ago

The <strong>NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in "Taupe/Ash"</strong> is my HOLY GRAIL powder that I use to fill in my eyebrows.

You can purchase the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder wherever NYX products are sold: NYX website, Ulta website/store, etc. It retails for $5.99, which is such a good price!

The product is in a slim rectangular-shaped packaging. The products are contained in a pan. Included is a clear sticky wax, two shades of brow powder (Taupe/Ash in my example), a little angled brush and a little spoolie brush. The lid is semi-frosted and flips up to open the product. The past two products that I have used, both of the lids have broken at the hinge area at the back, so now the cap gets fully lifted every time... Kind of annoying but whatever.

I`ve been using it for the past 2 years and before that, I filled in my brows with whichever product I had laying around that served the purpose. I think before using this, I used the ELF eyebrow kit, which was fine, but what bothered me most was that it never perfectly matched my eyebrows. All the other products that I used were mostly too dark, too brown, or leaned reddish-brown. Black or dark brown always looked too harsh on my eyebrows. I was looking for more of a soft-ashy taupe-brown because I know that it would blend well into my eyebrows.
I am SO GLAD that I found this product because it`s what I go to every single day to fill in my eyebrows. I`m not sure which shade is Taupe and which is Ash, but I actually use the lighter shade (on the right) for my entire eyebrow. The shade on the left works as well, but if I use it, I use it sparingly and more so towards the outer half of my eyebrow. I wish they sold the shade on the right just by itself because with my previous one, I finished up the shade on the right and now only have the shade on the left remaining. That`s also going to happen to this one, can you tell?! I used to use the wax when I first played around with this product, but I`ve come to realize that I don`t really like the wax. It`s clear and sticky so it holds your eyebrows in place if you need it to. However, I find that I don`t really have an issue with my eyebrows not staying in place. Also, the wax leaves this shiny finish that I don`t like. I find that without the wax, the eyebrow powder doesn`t go anywhere anyway.
It was hard to swatch the shades of the powders onto my wrist because the pigment doesn`t transfer that well since it`s not an eyeshadow, but when applied to your eyebrows, the pigment definitely shows up nicely and it`s also easy to blend out too if you use a spoolie for a more softer look!

<strong>OVERALL, I HIGHLY recommend the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.</strong>
After I run out of this, I will definitely repurchase and repurchase again, even though I only end up finishing the shade on the right! It`s only $5.99 so it`s such a good deal, and Ulta always has sales on NYX products! Definitely try these if you are looking for an eyebrow powder. I find that they are easier to use than eyebrow pencils.

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