Review: Nu-Pore Strips

4 years ago

I`ve finally decided to do a review on these pore strips that I bought at the 99cents only store. This is the Nu-Pore brand which is made in Korea. I think this is a cheaper version of the biore nose strips. For me, it works just as good as the boire ones and you can tell by looking at the last two pics. Sorry for grossing you guys out but I just wanted to show you how much gunk it took out. Ewww!!! And I think this actually fits the contours of my nose better then the leading brand ones. The other ones were too big for my nose and it wouldn`t sit on it as good as this one. I think it might be because these were made in Korea so they might`ve been made for asian noses. This was only 99 cents hence 99 cents only store and it comes in a pack of 3. I think the biore one comes in pack of 6 to 12. And the 6 pack one is really expensive, like around $5. With $5 you could buy at least 4 packs and you would have 12 strips. The last time I was at the store I`ve seen a whole bunch of them and I wanted to grab them all. I think I`m gonna pick up some more soon. Have you tried these strips before?

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