Review: NouNou Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Just coming at you guys today with another review of one of the best conditioners on the market! I used to purchase my shampoo and conditioner at drugstores or Walmart but since the middle of last year I discovered this salon shampoo and conditioner brand which is worth every darn penny it costs!

I don`t actually buy the conditioner because I get the set of the shampoo and conditioner when it`s on sale for $40 for both. It`s supposed to be $40 for the shampoo and the conditioner comes free, so I guess this conditioner is $10-20 if I`m realistic, lol. That makes it cheaper than Macadamia or Morrocon Oil`s hair mask/conditioner. It is definitely one of the most expensive conditioners I`m aware of on the market, but I always purchase very thick, heavy in the oils, masks or conditioners now because of how amazing they are for the hair, so for me this a good deal lol.

I like...
... that its cheap-er (than the Macadamia which I love)
... that its rich (I need so little for my very long hair)
... that its smooth (my hairs so easy to work with and comb through after using this)
... that it lasts (I go through one of these in 4-6 months, depending on the season since in the summer even if I don`t want to wash my hair everyday sometimes its so hot that I have to!)
... that its accessible (I can buy it at a salon near my house as well as at a hair products store in the mall close to where I live)
... the smell (one of the best smells on the planet I tell you)
I don`t like...
... the price (although it is a good deal, it is definitely more money than I`d like to pay, but I would still pay it)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Let me know if you`ve ever tried this brand. Happy Luuuxing!

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