Review: Not Your Mother`s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Sorry about not posting as much these past few weeks. I have been busy and just didn`t have time but I promise to do better. I wish I could have a post up everyday or be like some people and have like five posts a day. I think I used to do that before when I first started but now I have just been procrasinating and all my to-do posts have been piling up. Since I haven`t been hauling makeup that much lately, I don`t have any haul posts to blog about so I thought that in the meantime, I will just post up the reviews that I have been wanting to do. One review that I have been meaning to do is on the
Not Your Mother`s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. If you didn`t know already, I was lucky enough to receive a few products to review from Influenster. If you haven`t signed up for Influenster yet, you definitely should because its a great way to get the chance to try out new products that you haven`t tried yet and review them. All you have to do is complete some badges and increase your influenster score to qualify for their voxboxes. Okay onto the review! I actually got the travel size version to review, which is fine because it comes with a ton of product and will definitely last me a while. This hair cream is great for those who have frizz. I don`t really have that much frizz but my hair does tend to get frizzy on the top of my head whenever I blow-dry my hair. I have tried a couple of products and there are some that I would recommend and there are some that I would never buy again.
WHAT: From the NYM`s website,
Got frizz? Straighten up and tame that mane... or whatever you call it. SMOOTH MOVES is your call to fighting out of control hair and will help reduce your styling time. Infused with natural coconut and silk extracts this salon formul will keep you and yout hair thinking straight all day.
HOW: From the NYM`s website,
Wash and towel dry hair. Apply a small amount in palms and work into your hair. Distribute evenly with a comb then blow-dry or air dry to reveal straight, frizz-free hair with superior shine.
PRICE: This sample comes with 44mL (1.5 fl. oz) and the full size product comes with 4oz of product. The full size retails for $6.00 plus tax but prices may vary depending on the store and region. They also have the travel size, which is what I have for sale too but I don`t know how much it retails for.
SCENT: Oh my goodness, this hair cream smells so yummy! If you are a fan of coconut scents, then you would definitely love the smell of this. I don`t love eating coconut but for some reason, I love it whenever the scent is in hair products! Whenever I use this, my hair smells so good throughout the day. I even have gotten compliments on how good my hair smells.
THOUGHT: I have been using this product everytime I wash my hair and I can honestly say that I love it. This hair cream makes my hair so smooth and shiny whenever I use this. It makes my hair smell so good that sometimes I would catch myself lefting some pieces of my hair to my nose to smell it. I would suggest going to the store to smell this product but they have safety seals on them, which is great because then you know that nobody had tampered with the product. I would just use a little of this and work it into my scalp because thats where I would get frizzy and this product really does help with that. It minimizes the frizz and keeps my hair tame throughout the day. Plus it doesn`t weigh down my hair, which is a plus because I definitely need all the volume that I can get. It also doesn`t make my scalp oily. I could definitely see myself purchasing this product when I run out of the travel size. If you have any frizzy hair, I would recommend this product. If you don`t want to shell out $6 for a full size, you can buy the travel size version to try out first.
QUESTIONS: Have you tried any Not Your Mother`s hair care products? What do you think of the Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream? ==================================================================
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