Review: Nivea A Kiss of Olive Oil amp Lemon Lipbalm

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Sigh... My posts have been so few and far between lately! School really has been taking its toll on me to the point where I almost have no time at all except during weekends when I finish my homework which usually takes me all until Sunday (today) evening >.< Oh well, I`m glad that I`m able to post today!

I have kind of a review today because I recently got this product from the Nivea Facebook page (they had a giveaway) and I was one of the first 1,000 to enter so I managed to snag one, yay! And yes, I know the name (Olive Oil & Lemons) sounds totally gross but its really not, trust me!


1. <strong>Very moisturizing</strong>: This is by far the most moisturizing lipbalm that I have ever used! Its kind of a thinner formula but it is super moisturizing and makes my lips so soft, even though they have been problematic lately.

2. <strong>Lots of product</strong>

3.<strong>Decent Scent</strong>: Smells very light and pleasant. I would compare it to that of some Garnier products, actually!

4. <strong>Decent Packaging</strong>

5. <strong>Very Affordable</strong> This is really cheap and you can find it at Walmart for between $1 and $3!


1. <strong>Easily Melts</strong> I can tell that this would be one of those products that are kind of prone to melting, just because its a thinner formula than most lipbalms that I have had! This is definitely not something you want to keep on your pocket :)

<strong>OVERALL</strong> 4.5/5
I really LOVE this product! It is so moisturizing and it seems to work super well to prevent my lips from getting crackly. I love using this under lipstick because it keeps my lips very smooth. The only con, as mentioned, is that it is kind of melty but as long as its not in your pocket or left in the sun, you should be okay :)

<strong>Have you ever tried this product? </strong>

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