Review: New Years Eve (2011)

4 years ago

To be completely honest with you, what (or I should say <em>who</em>)made me watch this movie was <em>Katherine Heigl</em>. I absolutely love her and I decided to watch <em><strong>New Year`s Eve</strong></em> only because she was in it.
But I was not really impressed.

The movie itself is not that great in my opinion. Don`t get me wrong, I know a lot of people find it amazing, but I personally found the cast a bit too crowded.

We have different story lines: the Times Square ball drop, the old `finding love` theme, pregnancy, teenage crisis and so on and so forth.
And we have a (way too) long list of actors making their cameo in each scene. In the end, the result is that they`re all mediocre and there isn`t a main plot which is able to catch the viewer`s attention.

I`ll list some of the actors in the cast briefly: <em>Katherine Heigl</em> playing the role of a chef - Laura - who is cooking at the New year`s Eve party , <em>Bon Jovi</em> (wait, what?!) basically playing himself, the rockstar performing at Time Square for the big event, and Laura`s ex, <em>Halle Berry</em> as a nurse, <em>Hilary Swank</em> whos supervising the dropping of the ball on Times Square and all the accompanying events, <em>Lea Michele</em> and <em>Ashton Kutcher</em> whose roles are a mistery to me, and even <em>Robert de Niro</em> who`s role is to stay in bed at the hospital as he`s at the final stages of cancer.
And the list continues.

Director Gary Marshall kinda disappointed me, I must say.
Although I think is a light and easy two-hour movie to watch if you`re in a festive mood, I can`t say it`s a <em>good</em> one.

Please feel free to leave your personal opinion on this movie!

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