Review: Never Let Me Go

4 years ago

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*Spoiler Alert*
So, late last night, I was browsing HBOgo for a romantic movie. I see this movie under the romance section. I decide to watch it. OMG, it`s not romantic. It`s a dark tragic drama if anything. I didn`t know anything about this movie. Never heard of it. But it stars Cary Mulligan (the new "it" girl), Andrew Garfield (the new "it" guy aka Spiderman), and Kiera Knightley (an acclaimed actress), so I thought I`d give it a try. It`s sci-fi...which I didn`t know. It`s about a world that raises clones to harvest their organs. That`s the sole purpose of the clones. But the clones have feelings, emotions, yearnings, love,`s so sad. They can`t escape their purpose/fate. I was SOOOO depressing. I wish I didn`t watch it. It had nothing to do with the acting but it`s just too dark for me. I wanted lighthearted romantic comedy and I instead watch a morbid drama.

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