REVIEW: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

4 years ago

I picked up this Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo a few months back after hearing such good things about it. It seemed like no matter what, my shampoos never got my hair clean enough, and this was supposed to make them work better. It cost me about $5 at the grocery store but you can get it anywhere. It claims to:
- Instantly remove heavy, dulling residue caused by shampoos, conditioners, and styling products
- Cleans hair thoroughly & easily rinses clean
- Mild formula won`t cause irritation
- And is for all hair types

My thoughts:
This shampoo, it basically useless for ME. Does it thoroughly clean hair? Yes. But almost TOO much, or not enough. I always shampoo my hair twice in the shower. I always do because one shampoo isn`t enough to clean my thick, long, hair. If I use this shampoo before my regular one, it doesn`t work...probably because my other shampoo covers it up. If I use it after my regular shampoo, it cleans it too much, meaning it makes my scalp super dry and dries out my hair. It sucks all the oils out and it feels brittle. However, I do feel like it defiantly gets all the residues out, and it does feel really clean in the shower, just really dries it out. So yes, it does work....but a little TOO well.
I also don`t feel like it makes my shampoo work "better". It just makes it cleaner for that one day when I use it.
The main reason I really don`t like it, is the smell. It smells like OLD MEN. I swear to you, my grandfather has a cologne that smells exactly like this. Old, old, old men is the exact scent. It`s very masculine and ew. However, my best friend (girl) really likes the scent, so I guess it depends on the person. But seriously it is so strong, that even if you use a second shampoo afterwards, you can still smell it. And even after conditioning. And when your hair is dry, and the next day - and your hands will smell like it for hours. It`s so annoying!
Overall, I don`t HATE this product, but I won`t repurchase it as of now. It didn`t work like how I wanted it to, and I`m not a fan of the smell. xox

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