REVIEW: Nair Cool Gel

4 years ago

I picked this Nair Cool Gel yesterday, and tried it out last night. I have mixed feelings so I thought I would do a quick review!
Now, it DOES work, but only if you use it the right way. It says to do a thick layer, leave on for 6-10 minutes, then wipe off with a damp washcloth. I tested it on a patch of my arm before I did anywhere else. I left it on for the full 10 minutes, and it wiped right off! When I saw how well it worked, I was dying to try it everywhere else. I tried it on both my arms, legs, and armpits. It only took off some or most of the hair from my legs and armpits. As for my arms, it worked the best. I`m not sure if that`s because that`s where the hair was the thickest/longest or what. Anyways, I actually did my arms twice. I didn`t do a very thick layer the first time. So I put it back on a little thicker on my left arm, and it took everything off, as you can see from the second picture. On my right arm, I must`ve gimped out again because it left that arm pretty patchy. I did it once more today to get rid of the patchiness, and it`s gone. So basically, it only works if you do do a thick layer. I don`t like how much of it you have to use. I just got this yesterday like I said, and already there`s a lot gone. Also, the smell is AWFUL. It smells exactly like a perm, if you`ve ever had the pleasure of being around someone getting one done lol.
As for pros, it wasn`t overbearingly uncomfortable to use. It wasn`t "cool" or "soothing", but it wasn`t bad. It burned a tiny iddy bitty bit after a few minutes, similar to the annoyingness of getting your hair bleached, if you know what I`m talking about. Also, I like that when the hair came off, it was smooth and soft, and not rough and stubbly like when you use a razor. I`m not sure how long it lasts though, if you`re curious, leave me a comment with your questions and I`ll respond when I find out.
Actually I do have one more con. This was SO hard to find! I saw it in a magazine and it said it was available in drugstores. Nope. I looked in every drugstore I went into, and also Target and Walmart, and I couldn`t find it (I don`t know about CVS though, because there aren`t any in my area.) I actually accidentally found this at my grocery store (Kroger`s)! It was just under $8. For the price, I don`t think it was really all that worth it. By the time the bottle is gone I`ll know for sure. I think if the bottle was bigger or the price was smaller, I would be telling you guys to try it out. Xox

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