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5 years ago

I thought it would be cool to review my youtube subscriptions. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think. And everything was done today, so everything should be updated. Also, i didn`t do a couple subscriptions and its because they are family and friends.
My Ratings:
2- okay
3- average
4-pretty good
5- awesome
6-best of the best

AllthatGlitters21- 4, I like watching some of her hauls and she gives good tips. I`m not the biggest fan of her personality though.
beautybyniki- 5.5, I love just about every video of hers.
Beautyvlogcast- 4.5, I would give her a better score but she just started her vlog channel (Emilynoel83)
BethanysLife- 4.5, When she did put videos up they were pretty good. (Macbarbie07)
BeyondBeautyStar- 5, I like just about every video she has. They are very informational and she has a great personality.
BootiHole- 4.5, I love his love videos, they are so cute.
Bubzbeauty-5.5 I love Bubz and her videos. I wish I was more talented to be able to do some of her tutorials and I wish I had longer hair to do her hair tutorials.
Bubzvlogz-5, I love her vlogs. They are so cute, especially her dogs. (Bubzbeauty)
CarlyCristman- 5, I love her fashion and haul videos.
CheckInTheMirror- 5, I love her videos, they are so informational and interesting.
Cutepolish-4.5, I love her nail tutorials.
DulceCandy87-5, I love her videos, I always enjoy watching them, and I love her fashion videos the most.
EllesGlitterGossip- 2.5, Her videos are okay, I watch them when I am bored and have nothing else to watch.(AllThatGlitters21)
Emilynoel83- 5, I love all of her videos they are very informative and I love her one brand tutorials.
GabeandJesss-5, I don`t really know why I keep watching her videos because I`m not into what she does but I just really like her personality and and I love seeing her children, they are so cute.
GlamLifeGuru-5, She has lots of great videos, my favorite videos are her hauls and reviews.
HauteBrilliance- 4, She has great videos.
HelloKatyxo- 4.5, She has great videos, but I feel that lately her video content has been going down lately.
HigaTV-2.5, His vlog channel isn`t very good... Maybe I should unsubscribe... (nigahiga)
itsJudysLife-6, I love her daily vlogs! I enjoy seeing them every single day. Judy and Benji are such a great couple and they are so funny. (itsjudytime)
Itsjudytime-5, I don`t wear much makeup and I`m not a fan of bold makeup looks but other than that I enjoy her videos.
JLovesMac1-3.5, Her videos are okay, I mainly like her fashion videos and her personality. I have a love-hate relations with her
JoeyGraceffa-6, I love watching his daily vlogs, I always enjoy seeing his videos in my subscription box and he has such a great personality that many people can relate to him.
JuicyStar07- 4.5, Most oh her videos are great there are just a couple videos every once in awhile that aren`t very good.
JumbaFund-2.5, His vlog channel isn`t very good, just like HigaTV. And I guess I should unsubscribe to him too. (Kevjumba)
KandeeJohnson-6, I love watching her, she always makes me happy when I watch her videos. She gives great tips and has great tutorials.
Kevjumba-3.5, I think he was so much better before he got tons and tons of YouTube friends, he`s just not as funny anymore and the quality of his videos aren`t very good.
Littlemisslindsaay-5.5, All of her videos are great and informational.
LoLuFullyLoaded-5, I love her videos, my favorite are her fashion videos.
Luke-5, Lately he hasn`t been posting his daily vlogs but when he was I really enjoyed them.
Macbarbie07-5.5, I really enjoy all of her videos, she has great beauty and fashion videos. We have close fashion styles.
MakeupByTiffanyD-6, I always enjoy watching her videos, my favorite videos are her hauls.
Meghanrosette-4.5, I love her hauls though not her tutorials.
Missglamorazi-4, Well she doesn`t upload many videos, but her videos are pretty good.
Nigahiga-3, his old videos are much better than his old ones, and his new ones are just okay...
Otherjuicystar07-4.5, Unlike other peoples vlog channels Blairs` vlog channel is pretty good, and I always enjoy watching her videos. (Juicystar07)
Sawyerhartman-4, I always like his "Ask Sawyer Sundays," he has great videos.
Strawberryelectric48-4.5, I like most of her videos, the only thing I don`t like is at the beginning of her videos she says,"hey girl hey" it annoys me.
TEENcom-3, I really only subscribed for Joey graceffa and I enjoy Kat and Meghan.
TheGridMonster-5, I enjoy her daily vlogs, but she hasn`t been posting lately. (missglamorazzi)
Thekandeejohnsonshow-5, I love her vlog channel and her cute little baby. (kandeejohnson)
TiffanyDtv-4.5, She has a good vlog channel. (MakeupByTiffanyD)
TottalyCoolNails-4.5, She has cute nail designs, its just too hard to do for me.
Whatsupelle-4.5, She has cute little skits and her baby is adorable
WongFuProductions-6, I always enjoy Wong Fus` videos, my favorites are the romantic ones and Wong Fu Weekends.
xxAllieCosmeticsxX-4.5, She has pretty good videos

I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think about these youtubers.

*My opnions
*Not my picture

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