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2 years ago

Hi everyone! Now you`re probably thinking `How can anyone have a favorite glue gun? Aren`t they all the same?` I can say now they are not!

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have always had those traditionally-styled glue guns: small, has legs to prop it up but it`s tilted forward, and a trigger to release the glue. What I absolutely hated about those glue guns is that glue would drip out of the tip even when the trigger wasn`t being pressed. This resulted in hot glue falling onto whatever surface I was working on, and paying more attention to the glue gun than my project.

One day I was at Michael`s and I found the answer to my problems! This is the Adtech Multi-Temp Hybrid Cordless glue gun, and it is the best glue gun I have ever used.

Quick Facts:
- Has a base so the glue gun stands up and not tilted forward. Glue dripping out of the nozzle is less of a problem.
- Can be used with batteries, the included power cord or both. I mostly use the power cord.
- Uses mini or multi-temp hot glue sticks
- Without the batteries inside, this gun is very lightweight. Even with batteries, I think this would still be pretty light.
- Heats up pretty quickly, and if you have it plugged it the gun will continually melt glue so you can craft without interruptions.

I have been using this glue gun for my most recent DIY projects and it makes the job easy since I don`t have to worry about glue getting everywhere. Each trigger pull deposits a lot of glue but you can easily control how much is dispensed.

This particular glue gun is pretty expensive at $30, but Michael`s frequently has 40% off coupons so that brings down the price to about $18. If you are a crafter, or now someone who is, this is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Thanks for reading!

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