REVIEW: Murine Bright amp Moist Eyes Eyedrops

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Hey guys, so im going to review the <strong>Murine Bright & Moist Eyes Eyedrops</strong> which i bought from Superdrug last year. These eyedrops retail for around £4 each. I like to use eyedrops as my eyes arent naturally white and they do tend to get dry and irritated throughout the day, especially as I wear glasses on a day-to-day basis and because im sat in front of the computer most of the time im at work.

I normally use the Optrez eyedrops but since i saw an ad in one of my magazines, ive wanted to try this one as this does it all-in-one - whitens, brightens, refreshes and soothes - whereas the Optrex ones have an eyedrop for each thing i.e. brightening eye drops, refreshing eyedrops, etc. I prefer one that does everything all in one as this one does.

This eyedrops claims to:-
`*Brightens & whitens
*Moisturises & refreshes
*Fast acting
*Long lasting`.

This eyedrops have a slightly thicker consistency compared to the Optrex eyedrops as they claim that it will make it last longer in the eyes. I apply this eyedrops first thing in the morning before i apply my makeup. I apply 2 drops in each eye. Because its a slightly thicker consistency, it takes a few seconds to actually sink into the eye, therefore it will look a bit blurry for a few seconds. I would definitely agree that it whitens my eyes within a minute or 2 of applying, so i would say that i agree with the `instant` part. It definitely does refresh and moisturise my eyes also.

The only downside side is that because its a slightly thicker consistency, i can still feel the eyedrops throughout the day, which is a bit irritating as i do prefer eyedrops that you cant feel working, but i suppose i can live with it. It could be just MY eyes, i dont know.

<strong>OVERALL RATING:</strong> 4 out of 5

<strong>OVERALL VERDICT:</strong>
I would definitely recommend this eyedrops if you are looking for one that whitens, refreshes and moisturises all-in-one. I would not recommend this eyedrops if you have really sensitive eyes as the liquid is thicker than normal. I will repurchase this eyedrops in the future.

I hope that you found this review helpful =)

<strong>Have any of you tried this eyedrops before? What do you think of it? If not, what eyedrops do you use? Please share your thoughts with me =)</strong>

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