Review: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Creams, #21 amp #23

4 years ago

Hi everyone! It`s been a while since I`ve posted a review, but that doesn`t mean I haven`t been trying products out! It just takes a lot of effort to try the products, form an opinion, take pictures/swatches and then finally write a review. Today I`ll be reviewing a product that I bought several months ago and have been using a lot so I figured it`s time for a review before the product runs out. It`s the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Creams in shades #21 and #23.
Price & Availability - $29.99 for 50 mL on the Missha website - It`s definitely cheaper on other sites, but if you want to be sure you`re getting the genuine article then buy it from the Missha site
Shade & Finish - #21 (second lightest): light beige - #23: natural beige - Also available in #13 (lightest), #27 and #31 (darkest)
Packaging - Plastic tube packaging - Pump!!!
Scent - It does have a noticeable floral/perfumey scent - I don`t mind it but those with sensitive noses might
How to apply - Any way you like, but I like to use my fingers because the product is so thick
Pros - Comes with a pump! - Comes in different shades compared to other Asian BB creams - Has SPF 42 (weird number...) - Pretty full coverage
Neutrals - Color can seem a little grey but it does even out for me - Has a slightly dewy finish (I just fix that with powder) - It`s very thick - The smell - Not sure if it helps in whitening dark spots or anti-wrinkling
Cons - Expensive - You can find this on eBay and Amazon, but there may be counterfeits. I`m not exactly sure how likely it is to get a counterfeit BB cream and/or how to tell.
Thoughts I only have one other full sized Asian BB cream (/viz/lioele-beyond-the-solution-bb-cream), and I definitely love the Missha one more because of the SPF and other supposed benefits, even if I`m not sure if those are working. When initially trying this product I used a brush, just because that`s how I apply all foundation-like products, but eventually I found that using my fingers was a lot quicker, it used less product and I got a nicer finish from it. You can also use the product to spot conceal with your fingers if you need a little more coverage. The coverage of this one is medium to full, which is something I definitely need because of my acne scarring, so this makes me skin look pretty good. I use a face powder to set the product, reduce the dewy finish, as well as give the grey toned product a bit more warmth. It does say that it has some whitening properties, which is one of the aspects that makes it different from American BB creams and tinted moisturizers and I do feel like it lightens some of my dark spots with continuous use. But this is also coupled with regular exfoliation and other skin care. It`s not a miracle worker, but it helps. I bought two shades because I wasn`t sure which one I was, but even in the winter #23 was a great match for my skin. #21 is just a bit too light and I`ve barely used it so I may put this on up for sale on my blog if anyone is interested.
Overall Of the BB creams I`ve tried this is definitely my favorite because of the wide color range, the high SPF and the coverage. I`m not a fan of applying face products with my fingers because I have acne, but I just make sure to wash my hands before application. This is something that I would consider buying again.

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