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5 years ago

Hi Everyone!
So, like I said in my haul post here on Luuux, I am doing a review on these.
I bought them for $1.99 at Michael`s (yes, the craft store) and they come in a couple of different patterns/designs.
I applied the gold glitter ones last Friday, so its been about 8 days and I used Seche Vite topcoat on top for more shine and longevity.
They are all right, good for the price, but I applied them too close to my cuticle and so they chipped from the cuticle and my whole left hand is messed up, but the right hand looks perfect... I don`t know why that is so, I am right handed haha, but I did do my left hand first, so maybe I got better at applying them as I continued.
This was my second time using nail stickers of any kind, so I`m still trying to master it, but if you are good at using nail stickers, I`m sure these won`t give you trouble.
The 10 nail stickers come on a piece of foil and are in the order of your nails: thumb, index, middle, etc.
But, the pinky finger one is not wide enough, but its not that noticeable, just doesn`t cover one of the edges of your nail very well.
Also, the one that is intended for the ring finger (finger next to the pinky/fourth finger) works best for your index finger, and the one intended for your index finger, is the perfect fit for your fourth finger/ring finger.
Oh, and a mini nail file comes in each pack of nail stickers! :)
I did go ahead and purchase some other designs yesterday and am going to use them.
All in all, I think these are a FANTASTIC product for the price and I don`t know why you would buy the ones for $10+, when you can get these for $1.99 and they work just the same, or even better! They are very nice quality and the only thing to remember is that you need to practice with nail stickers because my only problem with these was that I applied them too close to the cuticle on my left hand, so they kinda peeled off on my left hand, but I didn`t do that on my right hand and those are going strong (8 DAYS and BARELY any chipping)!
That is my review on these Michael`s Nail Stickers! I definitely recommend you pick some up!

*Picture is mine, please ask for permission to use.
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