Review: Maybelline`s Express Care Eye and Lip make up remover

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

THIS IS MY HG DRUGSTORE EYE MAKE UP REMOVER! As i posted last night my old eye make up removal process

This is halved my time taking off my eye make up =] It truly takes everything off in almost just one swipe! I don`t know what else i could tell you, there isn`t much to it, it`s my HG and i love it. But i`ll try to go into the details to it now:

-Price: it`s $8.95 here in australia, so that means it`d be like half price in the states and else where. But even at that price it`s completely worth it to me
-Quality: GREAT, only a little bit goes a long way! as you can see in photo 2 i only use a little bit of the solution and in the third photo you are looking at the solution and cotton pad on my eye and you can literally see the eyeliner and WATERPROOF eyeliner comng off
-Product: It`s great, it truly does take off ALL waterproof make up in almost a swipe! I don`tkonw how it does it. Though some people may complain about it feeling oily or that you have to shake it up. To me it doesn`t bother me at all since i just worry about getting the make up off my eyes and ready to take my face make up off.
-Packaging: Here is where it`s not so great! The nozzle of this is just way too small and you have to shake the product out, you cant just poor and the bottle is too thick to squeeze it out. So you will find yourself having to "salt and pepper" the product out hahaha

I give this 9 out of 10 simply put, minus one just because of the nozzle. i love it and i don`t see myself stop purchasing this product since it`s so great, unless i find something much cheaper and better

thanks for dropping by, comment below if you have tried or wish to try this product.

*photos are mine, please dont` steal beauties

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