Review: Maybelline The Mega Plush Volum` Express Mascara

4 years ago

I can hardly ever resist the temptation when I see a new drugstore mascara. When I saw The Mega Plush from Maybelline, I bought it right away, before even seeing reviews from anyone else. Since then, I`ve heard most people say that this mascara is just mediocre. I figured I would try it out and give my review. I bought it in the blackest black. It is supposed to have a new gel-mousse formula that doesn`t make your lashes feel stiff. The brush is made out of traditional bristles (not rubber) and it is pretty big. It is biggest in the middle and tapers on the ends. It is flexible, as shown in the picture below. I`ve heard a few people say that the flexibility makes it more difficult for them to apply it, but in my experience, I never really noticed it at all. I like to see before and after pictures with mascara reviews, so I included some. Below are my bare lashes that have been curled with a Shiseido Eyelash Curler. My lashes are fairly light in color and they get really light at the tips, so they look shorter than they really are without mascara. I really need mascara to make my lashes noticeable. I posted a picture of how one coat looks. As you can see, it gave me some length, but not an extreme amount. It offered very little volume. I find the results to be pretty natural. Also, since the brush was so big, and my eyes are on the smaller side, I had issues applying it neatly to my bottom lashes, as you can see by how messy it looks. I would have to do some clean up after applying it. I also added a picture of a second coat. The second coat added a little more volume, but still not a lot. I would still consider this a natural/everyday mascara. As for the formula, it didn`t feel stiff or crispy on my lashes, just as it advertises. I didn`t experience any flaking with this mascara, as I have with some other Maybelline mascaras (Falsies Flared). Since I prefer a much more dramatic look, I wouldn`t repurchase this. I never really reach for this mascara when doing my makeup. I pretty much only wear it when I`m not wearing any other eye makeup. I also use a different mascara on my bottom lashes when I wear this because I make a mess trying to apply it down there with the brush being so big. My favorite Maybelline mascara is the One by One, which I definitely prefer over this one. I don`t remember the exact price, but I think I got this for around $7 at CVS. You can find sales often, though. Maybelline products are currently buy one get one 50% off at CVS until July 14. If you like natural lash defining mascaras and don`t need much volume, then you might like this, but it didn`t really impress me. Have you tried this yet? For additional pictures, check out I didn`t put all of the pictures on here just because I had a lot.

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