Review: Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara (Non-Waterproof)

5 years ago

I finally broke my Colossal streak! I`ve been using the /viz/review-maybelline-colossal-mascara-non-waterproof from Maybelline for three years now. While I like it very much, I thought I`d change it up and try something new this time. I didn`t stray too far, and chose the Falsies instead. The brush is curved. Not sure what to say about this, because I didn`t find application to be easier with this, but it wasn`t a problem either. I`ve heard that the curvature helps hold the lashes` curls better, but nothing holds my curls... so again, not quite sure what to say about it. The tip is kind of blunt, so it`s a little hard to get the inner lashes without touching the eyelids.
Photo 3: This is a shot of my bare, but curled lashes. Excuse my overgrown eyebrows. I`ve been sick.
Photo 4: This is one coat of the Falsies. It gives me a lot of volume, despite being a really wet mascara. It doesn`t give too much length, and only darkens the wispy ends.
Photo 5: And in this exhibit, we see that this is not a layering mascara! This is only the second coat, and I experience the spider lashes. Ew. I`m okay with this though, since one coat gives me a lot of volume already. Since this mascara is so wet, it takes a while to dry. When it does dry, it stays put. I wore this for the first time when I visited Stanford a few days ago. It was hot and humid, and the campus tour lasted at least an hour. Add an hour for lunch in this heat, two hours for snapping pictures like a tourist, and three more hours for the drive to and from. When I got home, I thought this mascara would be all over the place, but it wasn`t at all! I was so surprised, because mascara is usually the first thing that gives out and smugdges on me. Even the Colossal doesn`t fare this well! I had absolutely no smudging under my eyes, even after such an engaging day. I`m very impressed, considering that this cost me $5 on a fortunate trip to Wal-Mart. Product- 27/30 Packaging- 5/5 Price- 5/5 Rating: A
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