Review: Maybelline quotThe Falsiesquot Mascara

4 years ago

Hi guys :)

Today I want to review the Maybelline "The Falsies" macara. There was so much hype about this product on youtube that I really wanted to try it out. So I thought what better time to pick this up than on a 50% off sale, right? :)
Well, yeah I saved a lot of money here but typical I`d say it`s one of the more pricier drugstore mascaras.
Now, to the review....

The Packaging: It`s nothing really special, yeah it`s kinda cute and girly, with the pink color with shiny blue writing on it and the tube is kinda oddly shaped but has a decent, average mascara tube size.

The wand:
As you can see in the pictures, the wand consists of short rubber bristles... and a lot of them! I gotta say I learned to love these kind of wands, because my favourite mascara of all time, "Inimitable Intense" by Chanel, has the same one and they really are great!
It`s also curved, which it actually says on the tube to hold the mascara so that the curved-out side points down, and apply the mascara like that "for false-lashes effect and no clumping".
ACTUALLY, I experienced just the exact opposite. If you turn the wand up-side-down it`s actually easier to comb through your lashes, so less clumps, and it gives your lashes an extra lift, so better apply this mascara that way! :)

The product:
First of all, I have already pretty long lashes, that kinda can go a bit crazy, so I`m looking for a mascara that primarly adds volume and "tames" my lashes and sets them in place.
"The falsies" applied really easy, meaning you didn`t have to sit there to build up the product on your lashes, the length was immidetially there. But that was it.
You can not really build up this mascara anyway, because when you do a second coat it does form really really weird clumps, at the tips of my lashes! They actually really did look like bug legs, I`ve never experienced this with any other mascara!
As you can see in the pictures, this mascara does make really long and seperated lashes, if you like the more natural look, this is good for you. Me, personally, I like really full dramatic lashes, so I didn`t like the finish thaaat much...
One big con about this product is that it does not hold curl whatsoever!! It was so frustrating, once I`ve finished applying mascara to one eye and moved over to the other I could already tell that my lashes noticeable "fell down"... :/

Final thought: Do I think this is a bad mascara? not at all!! It`s a good mascara I`d say, once you figured out how to use it properly, meaning DON`T layer it!! And you gotta be okay with your lashes being not really curled. But, I wouldn`t re-purchase this mascara, because I think, especially for that price, you can find a better drugstore mascara.
For example, the "I love extreme" mascara by essence is way better in my opinion and it`s only like what... 2-3 ?! Try THAT one! ;)

Do you own "The falsies"?
What do you think about this mascara?

Thank you for reading <3

*pictures are mine

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