REVIEW: Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

5 years ago

I picked up the Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara in Blackest Black at CVS and then at Target (it was like $2 at Target, so, impulsively I had to!). I had heard a lot of rave reviews on this product so I wanted to give it a shot. I tried out the Maybelline Great Lash mascara and dislike it, I wouldnt venture so far to say I hate it, but its definitely a mascara that just sits there not being used. Although THIS particular mascara is my new favorite thing!

<strong>PACKAGING: </strong>

The product comes packaged in a vibrant pink and neon green capped tube. The tube itself holds 0.43 fl oz of product. The screw top cap is easily removable. The wow factor with this packaging, in my opinion, is the applicator brush! Its shorter, full and rounded toward the base and narrows out to a point at the end. The tip of the applicator is a rounded bristle, so its not sharp and you wont be in danger of losing an eyeball. The narrow end of the brush definitely comes in handy! The brush itself is termed a grabber brush because its supposed to grab at your lashes and it does!

<strong>PRODUCT: </strong>

The product is available in a washable formula, which is easily removed with a makeup removing wipe/pad or even eye makeup remover. It is available in three shades: Blackest Black, Very Black and Brown Black. Application is easiest when starting at the root and working your way out. Its also a lot easier to apply your mascara (even multiple coats of it) without giving the product time to dry. This has been my go-to mascara as of late and I absolutely love it. It does not clump, it does not bleed, the formula is not runny, and its just a fabulous little mascara! The product will undoubtedly volumize (thicken) your lashes. It stays on all day long, doesnt flake, doesnt wear, doesnt fade, etc.

<strong>PRICE: </strong>

These range from price store to store. Recently I saw them on sale at Target for (if my memory serves me right I know it was $3-something) $3.83. They range as high to $5.99 at CVS and $5.79 at Walgreens. If you are able to find a coupon whether it be a Target coupon or a manufacturer coupon, or even a Register Reward or ECB at your select pharmacy you will be able to get these for a lot cheaper than their original selling price. So do definitely look around and get the best bang for your buck money wise.

<strong>OVERALL: </strong>

I would <em>HIGHLY</em> recommend this mascara to anyone in the market for a new one or even for one to try out. It works wonderfully, stays on all day, doesnt flake or fade and definitely volumizes. Granted I have naturally long lashes, but it really draws a lot of attention to my eyes when Im wearing this. Ive included a picture of an upclose of my eyes from a recent eye look featuring this mascara and you can see it really volumizes and brings attention to my lashes and the length of them.

<em>Have you picked up Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes? If so what are your thoughts? If you have not picked it up, would you?
What is your favorite brand of mascara?</em>

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