Review: Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara

4 years ago

This is my all time favorite mascara, and I just wanted to share with you! Before I discovered this I used to use DiorShow which is about $24-$26 a tube. I thought nothing would be able to make my lashes look that good, but when Maybelline came out with this line I had to try it out and I`m glad I did! This gives me the same results DiorShow did for a fraction of the price at only around $7.

My lashes really don`t like to curl, and this is the only mascara I have really found that holds the curl throughout the day and really builds volume. I do find it`s a little hard to remove, but that`s mostly with the waterproof formula. I also never get smudges from this which is what I love the most!!

In the above picture, from left to right in the first row it is bare lashes, one coat, in the second row it`s two coats, and finally three coats (update took photoshop off my computer so I have no way to write on it D: ) and I have nothing on but the mascara. I have long eyelashes but this just makes them look so much longer and thicker, what a difference it makes from my bare lashes! It also gets sort of clumpy at three coats, so I usually leave it at two or comb through with a lash comb. I also want to apologize for my horrible dark circles/brows, I removed all my eye makeup so you guys could see my lashes better :P

I hope this helps you out!

*first image is mine, second photo of the mascara itself is source linked*

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