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5 years ago

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Hello Beauties!

Today I`m doing a review of the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, i bought this last year, however i re-purchased this only last week and i recently tweeted how much i love this eyeliner (@gazzyxo). I bought it in black, because i wanted to wear this everyday including school, and i prefer black eyeliner on a daily basis. Before buying this product i always used pencil or liquid eyeliner, and they both didn`t work for me! I have the most oily eyelids possible! I then read about gel eyeliner online, a couple weeks later i saw an advert on tv and i decided to buy it.
The formula is very thick, but not in a hard to control way, it is nothing like liquid eyeliner so it wont smudge as easily whilst you`re applying it. What i also love about the formula, because its thick it looks as though you have alot of product on which helps the eyeliner to last longer. It comes along with a cute brush, the quality of this brush is very good! It might take you a couple tries at first to apply the eyeliner but that is only if you have never applied eyeliner using a brush. You can also use this eyeliner on your waterline, and it stays on! Unless you cry or your eyes water, then you need to reapply it. I usually apply this eyeliner at 6/7 in the morning and remove it at 10pm, and i can confidently say that it looks as though i just applied it and i tend to touch my eyes alot because i wear glasses.
You can use this for an everyday look, a dramatic look, or even a smokey eye by smudging the eyeliner as soon as you apply it! For £8 i would defiantly recommend this eyeliner to everyone! I would even buy this for £10 because i think its such a fantastic product!

-Stay Gorgeous, Gazzy

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