Review! Maybelline amp Bobbi brown mascara

4 years ago

Today, a quick review on 3 mascaras. 2 Maybellines and one Bobbi Brown mascara, I know the Bobbi brown one is kind of random but I might as well include it in my review since I`ve been trying that one out too.

<strong>About my lashes. </strong>
I don`t have short asian lashes I have medium length lashes and they`re not naturally curly. When using mascara on my lowerlashes (with most brands) it will smudge like craaaaazy.

<strong>The review.</strong>
The first (purple one) is <strong>Maybelline`s volum` express the falsies in waterproof</strong> which is one of my favourite mascara`s and I really like the slightly curved wand.
- Waterproof
- Smudgeproof sorta..
- Lengthens pretty decently
- Holds curls

- Will smudge after like 8 hrs or so
- Will clump after you sleep with it (I know it`s a REALLY bad thing to sleep with makeup but I do nap very often lol, so I thought I might as well mention this too)

<strong>I`d rate this a 8 out of 10</strong>

The second (yellow one) is <strong>Maybelline`s Volum` express The magnum in waterproof.</strong> This ladies and (gentlemen?) is my HG mascara, I would not even want to live without this one! I really like the slightly curved wand and loove the criss crossed bristles.
- Smudgeproof (all day even when I nap with it lol)
- Waterproof
- Lengthens amazingly
- Holds curls
- Doesn`t clump the lashes

No cons. (Well... maybe 1.. it`s not available in Holland, have to order this one online)

<strong>I`d rate this a 9 out of 10</strong>

The third (Bobbi Brown one) is <strong>The Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara.</strong> The MUA at bobbi brown recommended me to use this as a second coat on my lashes (over another mascara) but I tried to use this as a regular mascara and I am not really impressed. I also don`t really like the straight wand.
- it doesn`t smudge (unless you sleep with it lol)
- Doesn`t clump the lashes
- It`s not waterproof
- It doesn`t hold any curls
- It doesn`t lengthens very much if you use this mascara on its own

<strong>I`d rate this one a 5 out of 10</strong>

I do believe that Maybelline mascara are one of the best drugstore mascaras out there (or maybe even better than high end ones) as I have tried over more than 10 different kinds of mascaras (and brands) I notice that I always run back to my lovely maybelline volum` express ones.

I might do another review on different brands of mascaras as I always note down the pros and cons of products I use lol.
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