REVIEW: Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment

4 years ago

Penetrates quickly to combat damage and dryness
Healthier looking
Ultra-lightweight formula helps to correct damaged areas, prevent breakage and seals split ends.
Control frizz and reinforces weak areas.
Doesnt leave a color deposit or residue.

How to Use:

Depending youre hair length and how damaged your hair is, pump a dime amount into the palm of your hand. Then apply the oil to either dry or wet hair to the damaged areas. Use more if needed.


Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment ($5.78 1.69 fl. oz. 50 ml) is described as a dry styling oil treatment that corrects, hydrates and boosts natural shine. It also repairs damaged, split, and fizzy areas.
I saw this product while I was at Walmart looking for hair products. Recently my hair has been horrible! Ugh I have really thick hair thats straight but super frizzy after I shower. My ends are super damaged since I havent trimmed it for more than 8 months. I dont use any hot tools on my hair because I like to keep it as healthy as possible. Since I havent trimmed the ends in a while, I was looking for some deep treatments that can help me prolong a visit to my hair dresser haha. Thats when I came across this product in the hair aisle. I got super excited when I saw that it was macadamia oil because the price was so affordable. Especially since the Moroccan Oil is like $20 for the same amount. When I got home from Walmart, I cracked this baby open and used it on my ends. I was delighted to see that the packaging was sleek and practical. It comes in a sleek thin plastic tube with a pump so you can control the amount of oil. As for the fragrance, there is a slight hint of macadamia but it isnt anything overpowering but more pleasant.
The first time I used it, I didnt put enough product in so I thought it was a crappy oil treatment. But then I decided to apply another pump. After that, I saw the results. The split ends were sealed and I couldnt even tell that there were any! I was so surprised but I didnt want to get my hopes up because I didnt want to think it was some type of miracle oil that could take away all my spilt ends permanently. After around 2 hours or so, the oil started to wear off. But it left my ends still partially hydrated. But what can you ask for when you pay only $6 for it. As for all the claims, this product does live up to every single one of them. I am quite happy with this oil, and would absolutely recommend it to all my fellow girlies that want a cheap alternative!

Corrects damaged areas
Hydrates dry hair
Improves shine
Seals split ends
Comes with a pump

Not long lasting

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