Review: Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner

5 years ago

Why I Wanted to Try this Product/ My Hair Type
Really curious if this would make my hair longer faster, silkier and shinier. I usually use Pantene shampoo and V05 conditioner but Ive tried several other brands (Tresemme, Head + Shoulders, Garnier, L`Oriel, etc). Although this combination has worked for me I felt like my hair still looked dull and I would need to wash my hair out a lot because it would get super oily by day 2. I have thin/ fine Asian hair although Ive heard this works best with thick coarse hair, I decided to give it a go.

-weird floral chemical smell (but I got used to the smell after a few weeks and now I like it :O)
-conditioner contains parabens (I don`t really care because research is inconclusive if parabens are a carcinogenic link)
-shampoo has sulfate (I don`t really care although some people think sulfates are a harsh chemical but its in most shampoos, soaps and detergents)
-didn`t think that it made my hair softer (but i do have thin asian hair i dont think it can be any softer)

-unsure if my hair grows any quicker since my hair in general grows pretty quickly

-less hair fallout compared to my usual shampoo and conditioner
-slightly thicker, stronger hair
-hair is less oily for approximately 2-3 days
-hair feels silkier
-hair looks shinier
-hair feels like it gets dirty faster if I use a different shampoo + conditioner

I usually see this for $6.99 - $8 at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Sallys Beauty Supply and Walmart (cheaper than usual price range). I would suggest trying to get it at Walgreens or Rite Aid when theyre on sale for Buy one get one Free for the best deal.

How I Use it
Basically use the shampoo and focus on the scalp and run it through to the ends and leave it in for a <3mins then wash out. For the conditioner I keep my hair to one side and focus it on the ends for 3 mins then bring it up against the roots when washing so your top gets a bit of the conditioner (to prevent the scalp from becoming not too dry or excessively oily). If you have fine hair NEVER rub or scrunch up your hair with any hair product unless you like your hair to fall out more.

Overall 4/5
Really hated the smell of it at first but I grew to like it and since I doubt it made my hair grow any faster, Ill give it a 4/5. I feel like when I switch to a different shampoo + conditioner my hair gets drier faster and feels coarse which is really nasty. If youre really skeptical about these product I suggest just trying out the conditioner because thats what I attribute to silkier and shinier hair.

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