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4 years ago

Image and text are my own so do not copy please. These plushies were sent to me for free for review purposes but that does not affect my opinion.

First of all I want to appologise to Sarah for this review as it has taken a long time to get put up but I hope she understands the reasons.

These are plushies that are lush themed. If you dont no what lush is, it is a bath and body store that has alot of hype and I have loved every product I have bought from there and I am a huge fan of lush ( so when I got the chance to review these I couldnt wait.

Ma Bar bubble bar
I have also purchased this bubble bar from lush and was a huge fan of it. I love how it was two colours and smelt of chocolate and I also love the sugar cube in the middle. I like how sarah has used the details of this into her work. Se has used two different peices of fabric which are very close colour dupes for the actual product from lush and my favourite part of this product is how she has represented the sugar cube in the middle. She has used beads that are a very close colour likeness and they look very effective as a sugar cube. I have had no problems of the beads coming off so they are sewn on very well.

Fantasy liquid liner
This is the only plushie that I have not actually heard of before or tried the product from lush so I had to do a little research on it. It is a liquid eyeliner which looks amazing and may have to try. Comparing the plushie to the picture of the product fom lush, it is a very close likeness in colours that sarah has used. I like how sarah has also done a lable which looks exactly the same as the lable on the product from lush. I love the gold material she used but it was a little but rough which personally I didnt like much but its not a huge deal as the plushie is so cute. This looks like it was the hardest to make as it has alot of different sections that had to be sewn together. I love the face she has sewn on this one, it reminds me of an Italian man for some reason, not quite sure why though.

Comforter bubble bar
This has to be my favourite product from lush so I had high hopes for the plushie and sarah did not fail. It is my favourite of all the plushies. The colour likeness of this product aswell was a very good match and I love how she did the spiral pattern on it, it looks very fiddley and I wouldnt of been able to do it. I love the face on this one aswell and I lik how she did beads for the eyes so it wasnt just a sewn face.

Blackberry bathbomb
This was my first product that I ever tried from lush so I couldnt wait to have a plushie version. I love the colour of the fabric (felt) that was used as it is a brilliant match for the bath bomb. I love how she has sewn the material together so it has a section round the middle of the bathbomb just like the actual bathbomb from lush is. She has sewn bomb onto the top as that is on the actual bathbomb and overall she has done a brilliant job of this one. I love the face, its a cute face which reminds me of a manga type face.

Well I was very impressed with these plushies. Sarah has alot of talent to be able to do this and it deffinately reflects in her work. All these products are fantastic and made with alot of care. They look very hard to do and I personally would purchase some more of these. These plushies are £5 each with are amazing and I personally would pay more because of the detail and time put into these. The only thing with all the plushies that I didnt like was that you could see the pen underneath some bits were se had marked where to sew but they arent very noticeable and I still love them and would buy more. I love ow she as made every face different, she is a very creative woman.
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The do other products other than the lush plushies and have some amazing thins coming for Christmas so be sure to have a look for that. I am planning on buying some more lush plushies and maybe trying some of the other products to and I think you all sould to so go check them out. There are some lovely photos on facebook.

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