Review: Lush Dark Angels Cleanser

After giving the Lush Dark Angels Cleanser a try for a while now I figured I HAVE to talk about the results! First Ill start off by telling you about my skin. I have extremely oily acne prone skin! Ive dealt with breakouts since I was really young. I seriously tried EVERYTHING on the market to try to get my skin clear! I used proactive for a while and it seemed to clear it up but once I stopped using it because it was getting too pricey for my parents my skin broke out even worse than before! I had acne EVERYWHERE! Then when it would clear up a little I was left with these terrible scars! So about a month ago after hearing various reviews on Lush products I decided I had to go try it out! I went to up to the girl and she asked me about my skin. After telling her she recommended I get the Dark Angels Cleanser. She said it was gunna pull all that oil out without over drying my skin and it was gunna help clear it up. I was determined to try this so I without even thinking too much about it I bought it. Its recommended you use it twice a week since it is an exfoliater. So I used it the first night and noticed a drastic change in my skin after the first use! It looked brighter, healthier, and it felt baby soft! I didnt wanna jump to conclusions about this or recommend it just yet cuz I hadnt been using it for long. So I gave it a few weeks and I noticed a mayor difference in my skin! Before I used to pack on the makeup like there was no tomorrow because I was sooo embarrassed of my skin! Now I seriously get excited about removing my makeup and using this cleanser! And Im LOVING the results! I can now honestly say I fell a lot more comfortable and confident in my own skin! I give Lush Dark Angels 5 stars! This product is amazing! And if you wanna get something to help your skin I would def recommend this! It has changed my skin and I couldnt be happier! Have you used any products from Lush? If so do you like them? Any recommendations? I`d love to know!

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