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Today I will be talking about Lugi`s Mansion: Dark Moon which is the second game in the sequal. The game got a rating of 6.5 which is classifed as "Fair" meaning it`s not that good of a game but some people disagree with that people have rated it 8.5 which makes it a "great" game so how do we know it`s a good game to get? exspecially seeming it costs £32.99 a lot of money.

The plot of the game is ... Luigi`s Mansion: Dark Moon is set in a region called "Evershade Valley," where Professor E. Gadd lives in his laboratory and studies the friendly ghosts residing in the area. The game opens with the shattering of the Dark Moon, an object that hangs above Evershade Valley, which causes the ghosts to suddenly become hostile. Luigi is called by E. Gadd to re-collect the five pieces of the Dark Moon, which have been scattered to different mansions, in order to restore peace to Evershade Valley.[13]

After working his way through the various mansions and rebuilding four fifths of the Dark Moon, Luigi is intercepted by King Boo, the antagonist of the original game, while returning to E. Gadd`s bunker. Boo captures Luigi and brings him to a parallel dimension built around the mansion from the first game. He reveals himself as being behind the destruction of the Dark Moon, and reveals Luigi`s brother Mario who he has trapped once more in a painting. King Boo demands that Luigi hands over the Dark Moon pieces, in return for Mario`s life, so he can use their power to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but Luigi refuses, battling him and eventually defeating him once more. Luigi is then returned to his dimension where he frees Mario from the painting and rebuilds the Dark Moon completely. With the ghosts pacified once more, Luigi bids farewell to E. Gadd and returns to his home with Mario, The Toads, and his newly adopted Polterpup (ghost dog).

Judgeing by the plot i wouldn`t personally spend £32.99 as it sounds a bit pland really but thats me and it`s your choice.

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